“Filippo has the magic balance of talent and drive and both serve each other perfectly. He positively glows in his numerous musical endeavours, is boundlessly enthusiastic and he has the skills to back all of this up. Further, he is a pleasure to play with and I expect big things from him.” 
John Wheatcroft


filippo dall'asta

I am an Italian guitarist based in London, with many years of experience live and in the studio, as a composer and arranger of Gypsy jazz music.

Born in Parma, Italy, in 1987, I started playing the piano when I was five years old. I then started, at the age of thirteen, learning acoustic and electric guitar. From that moment, my love for the six-stringed instrument continues to grow, pushed by a strong passion that drives me to study it and explore it inside-out.

From 2001 until 2006, I studied privately in Parma with Giuseppe Parisi, a teacher from the Conservatory School of Music Conservatorio Arrigo Boito; from him I learned a solid technique and understanding of harmony.


After engaging in the study of electric guitar at “Music Academy 2000” in Bologna, Italy, from 2003 until 2005, I decided to move, in 2007, to Berlin where he started studying Tango guitar.
The South-American melodies and rhythms inspired me to explore different musical cultures and I got captivated by classical Indian Music. Hence my decision to spend half a year in India to study tabla and sitar in Varanasi.

In 2010 I decided to move to London where I graduated at “Tech Music Schools”. After my encounter with John Wheatcroft, head of guitar in the same school, I discovered my love for Gypsy jazz, musical genre that originated from the artistic experience of guitarist  Django Reinhardt, who is considered its creator and main representative: he managed to merge the ancient traditional Gypsy music with American jazz.
The results of this lucky union is a genre that combines the creativity and richness of Swing from the 1930s with the eclectic virtuosity of Gypsy music.

Whilst still collaborating with several artists such as Lollo MeierGypsy Dynamite, Harp Bazaar, John Wheatcroft, Tara Minton, Keval Joshi, Roberto Angrisani and many more, I also decided to start working on my first original music project: “Mediterrasian”, innovative album in which the erratic energy of Gypsy jazz will combine with the meditative sonorities of Indian music: guitar, double bass, clarinet, but also tabla, sitar, and traditional chants of Asia’s most mystic peninsula.

Mediterrasian” will be released in 2018.

For more information and to keep up to date with Mediterrasian’s release date, concerts and news, and to receive a free copy of my latest EP with Harp Bazaar, “Gypsy Swing on 61 Strings”, subscribe to my mailing list at the bottom of the page 🙂

Hope to see you at one of my shows!


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