“Filippo has the magic balance of talent and drive and both serve each other perfectly. He positively glows in his numerous musical endeavours, is boundlessly enthusiastic and he has the skills to back all of this up. Further, he is a pleasure to play with and I expect big things from him.” 
John Wheatcroft
filippo dall'asta

Filippo Dall’Asta is an Italian Gypsy jazz guitarist, composer, bandleader and arranger, mixing the sounds of Gypsy jazz and his native Italy with traditional Indian music, to forge his own style of progressive guitar playing.

Filippo began playing at the age of 5 in Parma, Italy, and  studied music in his native country as well as Germany, Holland and India.

In 2010, at the age of 23, he arrived in the UK. He has toured and recorded with hundreds of artists such as Lollo Meier, Mozes Rosenberg, John Wheatcroft, Gypsy Dynamite, Harp Bazaar, Tara Minton (Björk), Mehboob Nadeem, The Onironauts and many more. His touring resume covers Germany, India, Italy, France, Spain, England, Malta and Russia, with notable appearances at The Royal Albert Hall, the House of Parliament, the Tower of London, the Union Chapel, and many festivals in France and Italy.

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