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Harp Bazaar are born by the minds of Tara Minton (harp), Duncan Menzies (fiddle) and Filippo Dall’Asta (guitar) in late 2015, when they release 4 debut tracks.

It’s a fusion of the majestic and yet delicate sound of the Harp with the speed and erratic energy of Gypsy Swing…

…Welcome to the new world of Harp Bazaar, something you’ve never heard before!



gypsy dynamite

…..The soul of Gypsy Dynamite, Filippo and Giulio and Dom explode onto stage with sizzling guitar, unique and fresh arrangements of traditional Gypsy swing, Italian and Spanish music and memorable ‘million sellers’; Gypsy Dynamite style! 

The band was originally formed as a duo by Giulio Romano Malaisi and Filippo Dall’Asta in London in 2012. Since then the young and dynamic foundation of Gypsy Dynamite, Giulio and Filippo have been playing in the most prestigious venues across London and in Europe too, receiving great feedback from each venue and audience they’ve entertained. 

The trio often team up with prodigy guests from London’s top music scene, expanding their lineup up to a 6-piece band.  





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A true story is a Jazz/Soul/Funk acoustic duo based in London formed by Isabella Levina Lueen (vocals) and Filippo Dall’Asta (guitar).
Available for functions, private parties and weddings.


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The Onironauts are oniric astronauts, translating dreams into music.
“Will blow your mind completely” – Venture Magazine“
 The French-Italo-Russian quartet formed in 2010 in London where Filippo Dall’Asta, Dimitri Stocchi, Evgeny Sukhotin and Nano Sigo were studying at Tech Music Schools. From the very first day they shook hands they knew it was love.
The band started jamming in a West London pub and developed an eclectic sound: a mix of rap, heavy guitar riffs, funk bass lines, crispy saxophone melodies, elements of gypsy jazz and electronica, using spaceship-pedalboards and crazy effects.
“It’s new age and extremely entertaining.” – Sound and Motion Magazine
 All four Onironauts grew up in families of musicians who lived and breathed gypsy jazz, electronic party music, dirty metal and old hip-hop. Rich and diverse musical backdrops provided an ideal breeding ground for these musical hunter gatherers.
Making hardly any recorded music available to their fans, The Onironauts are focused on creating an unmissable live show. Humorous and innovative, their gigs often feature artists doing live painting on stage. The band have already toured the length and breadth of Europe, including tours in Russia, earning support slots with The Correspondents and Rudimental along the way.
News of this “musicians’ band” travelled to The Animal Farm, who, having seen the band tear the roof down at the Dublin Castle in Camden, offered to make a record on the spot. The first fruits of their collective labour come in the shape of four singles that flout every rule of what is acceptable and admissible.
“The Onironauts have come to blow our minds with things we didn’t think were possible. Highly weird but so right.”  –

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