“Mediterasian” – the first single from my upcoming album is out!

Mediterasian – the first single from my upcoming album is finally out!

It was so much fun making this video, in one of the most beautiful places on Earth… Valle d’Itria in Puglia, Italy. 🌞🎸🌞
Have a listen and share if you like it!


The album launch will be at  Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec in London on December 15th, early-bird tickets are on sale here: https://www.toulouselautrec.co.uk/book-tickets?date=2018-12-15#539767
Thank you to all the amazing people who helped make this happen:
Filippo Dall’Asta – Lead Guitar
Tim Ellis – Rhythm Guitar
Mehboob Nadeem – Sitar & Vocals
Umberto Calentini – Double Bass
Keval Joshi – Tabla
Daniele Antenucci – Drums
Powered in Puglia (Cisternino) in August 2018.
Written by Davide Murri and Gaia Zero
Magical Map/Sheet: Antonella Raimondo
Assistants: Umberto Calentini, Simona Rosati
Director and editor: Davide Murri
Guitarist: Filippo Dall’Asta
Natascia Perrini – Event Production & Music Management
Tel. +44 (0)7479 186168
A special thanks to: LullaBay and Simona Mastrogiacomo for the hospitality!
Adie Hardy at Unit 2 Studios – Recordings
Nano Sigo – Mixing
Eric Uglum – Mastering

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