Playing in Barcelona with Gypsy Dynamite

Looking forward to a great mini-tour with Gypsy Dynamite in Barcelona next week.

Giulio and me will be flying out next Thursday and we will be meeting  two Barcelona -based musicians, Carlos Enrique Alvarez Menrath  on double bass and ILya Matveev  on saxophone,  to form a quartet for the tour.

22/03/2018 – Harlem Jazz Club Barcelona – 10 pm

23/03/2018 – Soda Acoustic Barcelona – 10 pm

25/03/2018 – Pipa Club  Barcelona – 10 pm

Filippo Dall’Asta – Guitar
Giulio Romano Malaisi – Guitar
ILya Matveev  – Saxophone
Carlos Enrique Alvarez Menrath – Double Bass 

Hope to see you in Spain!



P.S. I just launched a Kickstarter campaign for my upcoming album “Mediterrasian“, a blend of Gypsy jazz and Indian music. Take a look and help me make this album happen!

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