Daryl Kellie & Filippo Dall’Asta – Gypsy Jazz Meets Travis Picking

I started a new musical collaboration with Daryl Kellie, a superb acoustic guitarist.

Daryl’s style is very different to mine, and yet we spotted some similarities in our playing, hence we decided to have a jam to see how our sounds would blend.

We are more than happy with the outcome!
Daryl lives on a boat so we decided to release some proper videos soon of us playing on the Thames, so watch this space!

Here we jam a Gypsy jazz tune, “Diango’s Tiger” by Django Reinhardt, the master himself.

Hope you enjoy this little video

“Daryl’s vibrant, multi-layered technique is sure to enthral lovers of acoustic blues and jazz, pop and rock alike. He is currently receiving huge acclaim across the guitar world for his unique arrangements of classic songs; whilst his own songs, both vocal and instrumental, are a breath of fresh air and true inspiration.”

You can find out more about Daryl here: http://www.darylkellie.com/

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