Touring Italy with Harp Bazaar

Really excited to be going on tour in Italy with Harp Bazaar in two weeks.

We’ll be playing 11+ shows from north to south in my native peninsula and we are getting ready for a very long – but exciting –  drive.
If you happen to be in Italy over the next few weeks, make sure you make it to at least one of our shows 🙂

  • July 26th: Az. Agricola Il Cortile, Via Nave, 14, 43013 Langhirano (PR), Italy
  • July 27th: DonchyVia C. Colombo 130/C, Cadelbosco Di Sopra (RE), Italy
  • July 28th: BuskyViale Mentana, 130, 43121 Parma, Italy
  • July 29th: UtopikoVia Fabrizio De Andrè, 50136 Firenze, Italy
  • July 30th: Villa Cappelli, Via Appia Traiana, 11, 70038 Terlizzi (BA), Italy
  • August 1st: Caffe’ del Borgo, Piazza Martellotta, 1,74012, Crispiano (TA), Italy
  • August 2nd: Serra degli Alimini 1, 73028 Otranto (LE), Italy
  • August 3rd: Serra degli Alimini 1, 73028 Otranto (LE), Italy
  • August 4th: Private Concert, Specchia (LE), Italy
  • August 8th: Enjoy St., Via Taranto 2, 73100 Lecce, Italy
  • August 9th: Albatros, Lungomare Eroi del Mare, 56, 74011 Castellaneta Marina (TA), Italy
  • More dates TBC

You can find more info about the shows and download a FREE EP here:
We are really excited and can’t wait to get there,

See you on the road!

Harp Bazaar was born in the minds of Tara Minton (harp&vocals), Duncan Menzies (fiddle) and Filippo Dall’Asta (guitar) in London in late 2015. 

The three musicians met on a session and embarked on a unique musical experiment: to combine the majestic and delicate sound of the harp with the speed and erratic energy of traditional Gypsy swing.

The band has performed at Le QuecumBar, London’s most famous Gypsy jazz venue, held a year-long residency at North London’s favourite music pub – The Boogaloo, toured Italy in July 2016 and performed at the Royal Albert Hall in April 2017… Welcome to the new world of Harp Bazaar, something you’ve never heard before!

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