Learning Guitar With Lollo Meier

Hi everybody!

As some of you might now, I have just spent 3 days in Holland to learn Gypsy jazz from guitar master Lollo Meier.

 They have been the best 3 days of lessons I ever had! Lollo taught me a lot in a very experienced, friendly and patient way.

I have now material to work on for at least 6 months, I am excited about improving my guitar skills and I am looking forward to go see Lollo again for more lessons 🙂
I would strongly recommend to anyone to go to Lollo and learn from him. He’s a great teacher and a great guy!

More info on: http://lollomeier.nl/

About Lollo Meier:

The Legendary Dutch Gypsy Swing guitar Master, composer, bandleader and arranger, Lollo comes from an elite family of Gypsy players and is cousin to the great Fapy Lafertin and Stochelo Rosenberg. His goal: to carry on the music of Django, with a style and technique thats traditional, melodious, lyrical, sensitive and joyful. His mellifluous compositions have a refreshing authentic Django flavour and are played with extraordinary talent, unique style and amazing suppleness that clearly reflects that he makes music he loves. His Quartet is sought after around the globe for private functions and renowned jazz festivals, famous for playing lesser known Django tunes and his own compositions. A man of style, grace and humour, Lollos pure melodious playing touches his audiences and makes Djangos music as fresh today as it was 80 years ago. As well as performing, he spends much of his time teaching sought-after master-classes, sharing his artistry and passing down Djangos legacy. A remarkable man, with a remarkable style of playing. Out of 15,000 world entries in the 2005 International Song Writing competition, Nashville USA, Lollo Meier became a finalist with Melody for Le QuecumBar, with honouree status and became part of the top 1.4% of entrants.

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