Off to Italy with Gypsy Dynamite

Hey everybody,

Tomorrow I will be  flying to Puglia, Italy, where I will be playing a private gig  with Gypsy Dynamite, with Giulio Romano Malaisi and myself on guitar.

I love traveling, in fact it is my favorite thing after playing guitar, and I love when the two things meet 😉
I can’t wait to enjoy the last bit of summer in what they call “Italy’s Jamaica”!

“Gypsy Dynamite was originally formed as a duo by Giulio Romano Malaisi (acoustic guitar) and Filippo Dall’Asta (Gypsy guitar) in London in 2012. Since then the young and dynamic foundation of Gypsy Dynamite, Giulio and Filippo have been playing in the most prestigious venues across London and in Europe too, receiving great feedback from each venue and audience they’ve entertained.

Taking the genre of Gypsy swing even further, Gypsy Dynamite are experimenting with ‘Electro-Dynamite’; the band, DJ and singers giving Caravan Palace a ‘run for their money’!

They’ve gone from strength to strength and now formed the Quartet which drove Le QuecumBar (the world’s most famous Gypsy swing venue), under their record label, Le Q Records to produce a live, excitingly hot, and high energy album! For probably the first time in history, they have introduced the traditional Indian instrument, the Sitar, combining the rhythms of Gypsy Swing adding the buzz and sparkling elegance of traditional India.”

Click here to listen to or purchase Gypsy Dynamite’s latest album “Le QuecumBar Live in London”

See you on the road!



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