Back in London! What an awesome tour with Harp Bazaar

After one month on the road, I am back in London!
I had the most incredible tour in Italy with Harp Bazaar, I feel so fortunate to be playing in such an amazing band.

10 gigs in 12 days, from north to south Italy… it surely was a lot of driving, but so much worth it. The Italian audience was always very warm and welcoming and we made so many good friends on the road.

This is a shot from a great gig we had in Taviano, Puglia… what a gorgeous place.
harp bazaar

And here a shot from Squinterno Festival, definitely one of the coolest festivals in northern Italy. It’s located in a small town on the mountains called Berceto, the whole town becomes a festival… my favourite!
harp bazaar

Of course I enjoyed playing by the sea side too 😉 Here’s a shot from a soundcheck in Puglia.
harp bazaar

Harp Bazaar are born in London by the minds of Tara Minton (Harp), Duncan Menzies (Fiddle) and Filippo Dall’Asta (myself on guitar) in late 2015,  and are the only band in the world to combine the majestic and yet delicate sound of the Harp with the speed and erratic energy of Gypsy Swing.

I expect big things from this band so watch this space!

Back in London now, ready for  a lot of great gigs with Gypsy Dynamite, click here for a list of our next shows!

Big love,


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